I don’t know how Shari makes her magic, all I know is that she does. I didn’t even really know what to expect from our session (except that it would be fun and interesting and sparkly) and it’s even now difficult to describe what happens. We talked, she got inside my head, joined all the dots, pulled it all together and all of a sudden I saw it and said it and it became mine. Disparate seeming things were pulled together as part of an overarching vision in the most beautiful and easy way. Talking with her was wonderful - I came away with a vision for my business and a direction. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so excited in such a very calm way. She basically shone a light and all of a sudden the path appeared.
Rachel Walder www.thetiniestthai.com


Now that you've made it here (YESSS!) let's explore the best way we can work together

I show up fully as your confidante, cheerleader, coach and gentle ass kicker when needed regardless of how long or how intense our program is

What you get out of our time together will be what you put in

We will create new pathways and beliefs and implement change you never dreamed of

We will dive deep to those places you may have thought were gone or maybe never knew were even holding you back

We will create a technicolor life for you that you will wake up excited each day to live

We will build that dream business of yours from the ground up or maybe even take you from success you already have to places you never could've dreamt up

From my perspective, the more courageous you are in cranking open, the greater you can soar

In life, in biz- it all stems from the same well within- let's fill it up starting now!

You are safe, seen, understood and heard

And you know, from that space, there's nothing you can't do.

Ok enough chit chat, let's get down to making magic!

Soul work- I've got you.

Business Sparking- ON IT.

And coming soon- Art experiences for life and business- Watch out World!

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Shari, I couldn’t wait to read your work and WOW!! What can I say, how can you totally “get it” like that!
I am amazed by the work you did. I’ve worked with MANY copywriters over the past 15 years and I can say with confidence that this is the best work I’ve seen yet on a first draft. I don’t have much to say, it’s exactly what I wanted.
Thank you!! — Catherine Orer, http://www.theartistentrepreneur.co/