So you've got this service or product.

A business idea that is the compilation of all you've been building towards since about hmmm...age 3. 

You gaze and dream about it, eyes glazed over, SO over the moon excited & in love with what THIS can & will bring to the world.

Best.Feeling.Ever. Right?

You have been mapping and scheming out the details, you know exactly who your ideal client or customer is, precisely why this magic creation of yours is custom made, like a 'sign from the stars' sort of perfect for those said client & how much you have to give to them by delivering this golden nugget.

Squeeee! The Glee!

All that's left is just to, ya know, sell it and yourself and be wildly successful while changing people's lives- no big deal, right?

So, you casually saunter over to your laptop, wink at that blinking cursor and KNOW the words to describe this perfection and why they can't live without you and it will flow exquisitely right into being. Of course.

Because blank pages and blinking cursors are not remotely intimidating. 


Hold up!

Before you go running and crying away from this page, ready to rip your offerings and your business model apart because it's all wrong & there are no words & failure is imminent....

This is NOT the time to pull a Spanish soap opera level fit about how you can't, and it won't and and and.....

I've got you.

“I honestly was scared to hire a copywriter, as a business owner with a personal brand I wanted to make sure that MY voice was coming through in my content. I held out for and wrote all my own websites, emails, sales pages, etc by myself for a very long time…truth be told I didn’t trust anyone with my voice. Then I met Shari, and my life and business changed (for the better of course). Shari has this incredible gift of just “getting” people at the soul level…sometimes more than you even understand yourself. I went from not trusting anyone with my words to sending Shari anything and everything that needs magical word power and she whips it up beautifully for me. When I read the copy she’s written for me, I think “How did she know all that was inside my head?” It’s literally like she’s inside all of her clients brains (in a non-creepy or intrusive way). Thank you thank you Shari for all work you’ve done for me that I now don’t even trust myself to do anymore! I went from not trusting anyone, to solely trusting Shari to make my words shine and convert.
I now have Shari do copy for all my clients and use her as the guest expert in my programs. She’s my go-to.
— Adrienne Dorison,

What if :

  • Someone could express your soul's description of what your work, your identity and your values really mean to you?


  • You could speak straight to the heart of what is hurting, missing, lacking in that ideal client of yours' life & how you can change that?


  • Draw them closer in by showing them you 'get' them, you 'feel and see' them and know the way up and out?


  • These words would monetize the heck out of this baby you have built and created AND could reach everyone you wanted to (rather than it sitting in your google docs as another idea you can't make happen. Just SAYIN.)


  • Bonus points if this magical verbiage could make You believe in YOU and your expertise more because as you read it you yell "that's the ME I want to always BE! This is why I am doing what I do!' (Nice to be reminded daily, I'd say.)

I have some good newsssss! 

Shari, I couldn’t wait to read your work and WOW!! What can I say, how can you totally “get it” like that!
I am amazed by the work you did.
I’ve worked with MANY copywriters over the past 15 years and I can say with confidence that this is the best work I’ve seen yet on a first draft. I don’t have much to say, it’s exactly what I wanted.
Thank you!!
— Catherine Orer,

Pssstttt..your search is over!

I've got a thing for soul, sparkle AND words.

My brain works in an Alice in Wonderland way that sees pictures, feels the energy and pulse of things & thoughts and seems to tumble them out in a way that makes people FEEL them.

Besides the fact that I have the best time doing it-


When you see your soul's mission out on paper, it feels like your dreams have been unleashed. You can fully step into your purpose and mission when the words represent WHO you are, what your story is and how YOU are the ONE for them.

Before I met Shari I was frustrated. I had a great website, with “good” copy, but I felt it didnt represent me. My copy at the time only scratched the surface of who I was as a person. I tried to write my own copy, but I was paralyzed. I couldn’t take how I felt inside and put it into words. So I handed it over to Shari. She really took the time to listen to my life story and visions for my business. When Shari came back with my copy, I sat on my bed with tears streaming down my face. For the first time in my LIFE I felt someone finally understood me. Her copy really set me on fire!!!

Thank you so much Shari for infusing your magic into my business!! It is a honour to work with you!
— Maria Hinton,


My bespoke copy packages are below, yet if you are looking for someone to help you birth those gawgeous words together with you, scroll down to Word Wonder Buddies 


Who.I.Am (get it, Will.I.Am..hehe):

Short one paragraph bio for blogs, interviews, podcasts- anything where you get a chance to tell about yourself in a way that feels like speed dating NEEDS to be bang on so no rambling takes place. Me too, I hear ya! = $150


Your Starter Sass Pass:

Home + About me Page = $675


The Love Boat Docking Station:

Home + About me + Work with Me = $997


Hot Cakes Sellin Time:

Long Form Sales Page =$750


The Full Monty:

Home + About + Work with Me + Bio +1 Sales Page + 1 bonus page like FAQ or Things I Love = $1950 (yep, you did the math right!) 

The Social Bunny:

Launch/challenge email package= 5 day $350/7 day $475

Lead time is 2-3 weeks depending on the project.


I want to give a shout-out to the awesome Shari D Teigman, who took my sucky website copy and turned it into a collection of magical words and feelings that really connect me with my ideal clients, speaking from my heart to theirs.
Sometimes people are concerned that if they hire a copywriter to write their copy, that it will end up feeling like the words do not come from them. That they would feel fake and unauthentic. That was my concern too. But let me tell you, now I know that a great copywriter will make you feel like you have written those words yourself. It’s like, “How did you get inside my head?”
This is what I told Shari, and it sums up everything: “OMG Shari! What a lovely gift to wake up to! I LOVE it. It’s me. It’s me. It’s what I would have written if I knew how to do it.”
You can see her magic here:
— Mui Tsun,

All packages include:

  • In depth questionnaire about what we are writing for- website, sales page, challenge, launch/email series, bio...even your MANIFESTO! ( love that worddd.)

  • 45 minute brainstorming session where I dive in deep to what you are craving to get out on paper. I will get a feel for your voice and passion and what you are ready to achieve and portray- the REAL YOU not someone's cookie cutter version of you.


Maybe you prefer to write your own words, but need help and guidance with getting it just right?

You have some ideas but the structure and formats throw you off or you fear you are rambling?

Let's write it together

With my copy mentoring, you and I sit live on Zoom and Google Docs and we write, tweak and polish your vision together. We take the drafts and ideas you have already come up with and whip those puppies into tiptop shape!

Let's set up a chat and we can customize what you need!

“I want to give a HUGE shout out to Shari D Teigman for her amazing skills and talent in copy writing. Thank you Shari for saying what is in my head! Shari is your girl with no shortcut on quality. I came to Shari knowing what I want to say in my head but I just couldn’t write it. I feel lighter and excited and relieved that my site is pretty much complete because of this work Shari did. She was a real joy to work with!”
— Kristen Owens,

Are you ready to verbalize that soul of yours?

Pumped to climb into those right words that describe your magic for your clients so there will be no more dilly dallying in this fabulous process of spreading your shiz all over the world, creating the income and impact you know you can?


Cool. Sorted. LET’S DO THIS!

Cmon In To The Magic!

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