The Whiteboard session

It’s pretty simple.

You want to take those ideas and visions swirling in your head not only out on paper but


How many times have you stopped and started, got all revved up just to stop short because you just can’t seem to get out of your own way towards that plan

In your life in your business-

Maybe it’s a new business project

An improved you you are trying to ‘become’

Honestly it can be anything you know you are ready for but just can’t seem to birth or launch on your own…..

Enter My Creative Brain

Let me build your dream with you

We brainstorm for 90 minutes and I turn your brain dump into an ACTION PLAN

We reverse engineer what to do when, how and why

I help you take away the guesswork and maintain the excitement!

You deserve more than just sparks of inspiration that just fall

flat time and time again

How does it work?

  • You fill out a Shari style questionnaire so I can capture what you are trying to achieve and haven’t yet!

  • We schedule our 90 minute video call- Me + You + My Trusty Whiteboard

  • We map out everything we need to to make our master plan plus the steps to take

  • I take our brainstorm and turn it into a mindmap you have to keep plus any description and details needed to set you on your way

  • We reconvene after 1-2 weeks to tweak anything you need help with and make sure you are feeling solid and ready to ROLL!


Investment: $350