You bravely & boldly started this year off in a different way.

You hopped off of the resolution pressure train


slowed down to finally find out some answers to questions

you didn't even know needed to be asked.

You saw things about yourself and learned a bit about how you got to where you are, what you'd like to take with you and what can be left behind, once and for all.

What if there was even

more possible?

I think you kinda already know there is.

New ways to go within

Unique ways to play with ideas

Other perspectives to bring to the inner conversation

that has been keeping you safe but kind of stuck

In life, relationships, business

and most importantly- Self first.

Continuing to Unpack while also moving forward.

So whats next?



30 Days of What's Next





  1. (of an area of land or sea) not mapped or surveyed.

    "an uncharted region of space"

    synonyms:unexplored, undiscovered, unmapped, untraveled, unfamiliar, untrodden, unknown

After our 7 day Unpack, the last thing you want to happen is putting all you uncovered BACK where you found it

Look, it's human nature.

Slip back into autopilot

Do what you've always done

Stick to what you've always known.

Especially when you are determined to move forward!

You have come so far in 7 days...

Imagine where 30 days can take you?



Continued Unpacking as we also start to plan how to move forward

Each week we cover a different area:

Week one: Self

Week Two: Relationships

Week Three: Business

Week Four: Fun, Creativity & Curiosity 

How will it work?

  • Private FB group
  • Daily Livestreams
  • 4 Weekly group Zoom calls where I will delve in, teach and prompt you to go even deeper
  • 4 Weekly Q & A calls/ hot seat coaching
  • All calls will be recorded and available to download
  • Meditations, Creative Exercises and Worksheets all uploaded in the group
  • Accountability thread for those who feel they want an extra layer of support (not mandatory!)


The transformations have been incredible in this 7 day challenge yet I know how scary uncharted territory of moving forward solo can be 

There is so much more we can do together

Working layer by layer, step by step to keep up the momentum of: 

Truth telling

Peeling back 


Letting Go

Starting things anew

Going places within and without you haven't gone yet

Dealing with the changes and moving forward in a new way you have never done before

With support to keep you feeling good, brave and ready!

Knowing how to use your new tools through these changes takes a lot of energy

But energy that is well spent as it's about becoming more authentically YOU rather than being swayed by influences outside and inside particularly fear, overwhelm and uncertainty

This is what we will face together

I will teach you:

  • how to stay on track to transformation
  • a different way to map and plan your projects and dreams
  • how to strengthen and go deeper with what you have already started
  • to maintain what has already come
  • how to face and deal with the 'unsettled' feelings unpacking has brought up
  • how to change those recurring thoughts and see yourself in a new light
  • how to move forward in life and business on your terms

Change can happen in an instant and it can also take time to learn how to keep expanding!

Let's walk intentionally forward so you can FINALLY achieve and create a life of your dreams, not someone else's

Uncharted will start on Monday January 16th

For those of you who sign up, the FB group will open on January 12th so you get an extra weekend to get cozy and prepped and keep our community connected and cranked open 

What is the investment?



If more sign up, you will put on a waitlist for the next round

Why only 40?

I want to be able to give each of you the support and attention you are ready for!