“I honestly was scared to hire writing help, as a business owner with a personal brand I wanted to make sure that MY voice was coming through in my content. I held out for and wrote all my own websites, emails, sales pages, etc by myself for a very long time…truth be told I didn’t trust anyone with my voice. Then I met Shari, and my life and business changed (for the better of course). Shari has this incredible gift of just “getting” people at the soul level…sometimes more than you even understand yourself. I went from not trusting anyone with my words to sending Shari anything and everything that needs magical word power and she whips it up beautifully for me. When I read the copy she’s written for me, I think “How did she know all that was inside my head?” It’s literally like she’s inside all of her clients brains (in a non-creepy or intrusive way). Thank you thank you Shari for all work you’ve done for me that I now don’t even trust myself to do anymore! I went from not trusting anyone, to solely trusting Shari to make my words shine and convert.
I now have Shari be the guest expert in my programs. She’s my go-to.
— Adrienne Dorison, www.adriennedorison.com