're searching for your spark


You may not even call it that. 

Hell, you may not even know that's a 'thing'.

Well, you made it here for a reason and I'm here to tell you sure IS.

You are ALLOWED to want more.

To crave feeling more alive, connected and on purpose in every area of your life.

But yet most of us walk around far from those feelings. 

Some days, you are lucky you make it through the list of 'have tos' at best all while pretending to be FINE ( oh I hate that word...)

Life happens, doubt creeps in, hurt and pain start closing doors inside of us until we get to the point that we are just standing in a tiny hallway pacing to and fro and call that living. 

WHOA. Put the needle on the record- that's no way to be living or working.

And you KNOW it's not.

But what you don't know is what you can do about it.

How can you start changing things when you have no idea what's wrong? Or even what is going right, for that matter?

You are tripping over your life and trying to build a business. You are focusing on your business and forgetting your life.

Newsflash- we don't get to grow in one area and ignore the others....but you already know that by the way you feel.


I work with the change makers. The dreamers. The Average Joes & Janes who know inside they are nothing but average.


The individuals, free spirits, non conformists who are ready to stop pretending to be like everyone else. 

Muggle Days are over.

My role is not to convince you of anything. I'm here to help you remember what's inside of you and turn all of those lights back on. Self. Relationships. Business. Health. And don't forget Fun.

You can't keep compartmentalizing yourself and expect to get where you say you want to go.

Look, you can keep trying it on your own and taking one step forward and two steps back.

I'm all for dancing...but you aren't actually changing- you realize that, right?

If you are ready to stop pretending and get into inspired action, true awareness and create your own workable plan to go from where you are to where you say you want to go....keep reading.

We will assess together where your spark is missing. 

Raw, real and true-there's no need to sugar coat with me. 

I get it. And I see solutions where others can't.

Do I promise to 'fix' things in one call?

Nope because I know nothing's broken.

What I can and will do is shed light on parts that you can't quite see. Sort some puzzle pieces out and help you see from a different perch.

What you will come away with is a better understanding of where you are, how you got there and what are the options for getting up and out to move on in your life and your work.

We all deserve to get unstuck and you get to show up for yourself to finally choose YOU.

It's time to actually enjoy your life again.

To look at your business with excitement rather than dread.

To rework what's not serving you and decide once and for all that your dream is possible. 

I'll show you exactly how FOR YOU- no cookie cutter crap on my watch.

Now, you've made it this far.

Be proud of yourself. It's the first step to your Maverick self.

If you are ready to keep walking, I'd be honored to walk alongside you.

Book your free 45 minute Spark Assessment call now. 

I'm waiting with sparklers.