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 You look around you and don’t remember getting stuck in this life, job, relationship or overall rut.

Where did the joy, play and sparkle go?

Where did the passion and zest for life disappear to?

 You feel stuck. Bored. Tired. Unfulfilled. Numb. Plain old BLAH.

When and how did life become so by rote and colorless?

Where did the connection to yourself go and hide?

And that business or job- you can't even push yourself like you used to....

How can you begin fixing it when some days you don’t even want to bother trying? 

It’s all too hard it’s all too big and you may not even know what is wrong.

And you do think change is impossible.

‘I can never have what I really want, I don’t even know what it would be.’


It's enough of being

an Average Joe or Jane 

Or maybe….

You do have dreams. Desires. Passions long forgotten. Hobbies you don’t have time for.

Maybe you do remember waking up and excited to live your life, to nourish your relationship, to raise your family, to build your dream business.


But from where you are you cannot see how you could possibly re-connect to that or dare to dream so big to chase it.

It all seems so hard and so far away and far too scary. So you stay in no man’s land. Just know it.

Life Does Not Have To Feel This Way

We were meant to enjoy each day, each little moment just like we did as little 5 year olds. Nothing was ordinary everything was magical.

What if there was a different way?

What if:


• You could reconnect with your soul and FEEL you again.

• Rediscover your passion and your drive.

• Find your soul’s purpose and work and light your life up.

• You could change anything and create a life you didn’t even know existed?

• Strengthen your faith in yourself and in the big picture.



I know, you are thinking- sure that sounds dandy for someone else but I can’t do that!

Why the hell not? I did! 

I started my journey as a bored, hurt, stuck mom of 2 beautiful kids with a dead soul and a numb heart. I didn’t even know what I wanted or felt and didn’t think there were any options. 

But my heart and soul knew.

And I found my way, changed my thoughts, beliefs and actions. I cleared out the old wounds and scars and carved way for the possibility of new, even though most days I didn’t believe it. I just knew that if I stayed stuck... I wouldn’t survive.

So I grew. And as I expanded, flourished and changed. And on that hard road, I studied and learned all of the tools, techniques, sparkle and soul magic to help others change their lives.

So you don’t have to do it ALONE. Or the HARD way.

My mission is to help anyone who is READY to re-ignite their soul’s spark.

To bring you back to life.

A new outlook.

A brand new start even without the need to start all over.

I give so much thanks to Shari D Teigman. I had a session with her when I was having a rough week. I had felt depleted and my mojo was off. She skyped into my life armed with sprinkles, beautiful words, and an enthusiasm that was contagious. She teased my own exhilaration back out of me after a week of rut-hood and I find that I am constantly leaning back on our conversation whenever I need a pick-me-up.
This woman makes magic. Love on her and get her in your corner.
— Rocky Callen
This work is NOT for you if:

-You are looking for a quick fix

-You love your victim story and grip it like a security blanket! (those old ratty ones, ya know??)

- You get offended by cursing and don’t like deep diving and learning to trust (look I gotta get it out there! Raises hand to proud potty mouth)

-You don’t have sense of humor and take life very seriously. (Really? those people are still out there?)

-You are too afraid to start and vulnerable and messy is just not your thing.

-You’ve hired coaches before, you half listened to them but as soon as you hit a block you ‘forget’ to show up for yourself and you’re still not fixed!

- Addendum to that- you think you have to be FIXED!

-You like your ways and do not want to try new ideas or beliefs on for size.

-Stuck feels comfy 

Now that we sorted who isn’t cut out for my programs, let’s see who is. 

Are you:

Ready to embrace your inner child and feel FREE?

Heal all of that old crap holding you back?

Face new challenges with excitement?

Make a plan for your new hobbies, business, dreams and actually follow through this time?

Hear the words self worth, confidence clarity and say that’s me instead of rolling your eyes?

Create a practice of self care and self love that will change your relationships to family, friends and most importantly, yourself?

Believe and see your own power again...or maybe for the first time?

Take your life AND your business and light them on FIRE

Learn that fear is something to be danced and played with and used as a clue to what your heart wants for you?

Then…..come on up to the stage!

Reading all of that feels exciting doesn’t it? 

It motivates you and gets you all pumped like you just finished your favorite workout!

You think- right! I want all of that! And I can do it myself! I mean I have all of the books on my shelves waiting, my empty pretty journals I scour the stores for but never crack open. This will go on my to do list for...maybe next week?

You’ve signed up for those free calls, webinars, teleclasses. You print the worksheets but you don’t bother finishing (erm, or starting.)

I know it. Did that too.

The one night stand syndrome of getting all revved up by one call or an aha moment or an Oprah episode. (LOVE HER!)

But then you turn around and you are still stuck right where you are and now frustrated to boot because you don’t even commit to yourself...and the self talk rants on blah blah…..

That’s where I come in.

Thank you Shari D Teigman! Incredible to speak with you. You are a totally natural and GIFTED coach. You have the gift of purity, of being connected with your artistic ways. No bullshit barriers to break down. WATCH OUT FOR THIS AMAZING WOMAN!
— C.M.H.

I am your partner in crime.

I like the sticky murky waters of self doubt and self disappointment.

I see, understand and feel you and where you are.

I go into the trenches with you. We face the minefields together and we celebrate the wins together- big and small.

I journey with you. There is nothing scarier than testing new waters and creating new pathways than actually starting, doing and remembering to keep doing and being.

There are no quick fixes. Trust me if there were you wouldn’t be reading this and I’d be looking for a new career! (most likely a circus performer, but I digress.)

What you need is a soul co-journeyer. And that’s what I am. I hold a gentle, beautiful but no bullshit mirror up to help you see what I see. I see your soul. I help you excavate the real you out of where you got stuck.  



I am on a mission to light people on fire- the good kind of sustainable fire!

It's not about templates, checklists, following 5 step guarantees.

I call BS

It's about finding your own pilot light and fanning your own desire to like an extra ordinary life between the regular moments.

Can I just say...I AM IN LOVE WITH Shari D Teigman!
I spent close to an hour on Skype with Shari- an hour where I was pretty much getting continuous CHILLS! This chica has sparkles OVERFLOWING!
If you haven’t connected with her, YOU NEED TO. She’s given me yet another piece of my puzzle and I feel ecstatic and so much expansive potential! She is a MAGIC MAKER! Thank you, my sparkly new friend!
— Mellie Test

Ways to spark up that soul and start living your level 10 real life:


Soul Spark  Session

  • soul assessment questionnaire

  • 90 minute session

  • 30 minute follow up

  • 10 day unlimited email support

  • Deep dive into discovering where you are, where you dream to be and a plan of how to get there.

  • Together we see what is standing in your way, what beliefs and habits that have created your stuck-ness & set you on a new path to your sparkly new life!

Regularly $299



Six Week Intensive

  • soul assessment questionnaire

  • 1 90 minute deep dive session

  • 5 x 1 hour weekly calls

  • welcome packet

  • weekly accountability + worksheets

  • mindset work- understand what and why you believe

  • creative exercises to help you unlock your true self

  • discovery road from where you are to what you truly desire


  • unlimited email support

  • 2 x 15 SOS calls to use when you need that extra boost


$1450 in 2 payments


$1297 in full