You are going about this upside down.

Buildings are NOT built by choosing paint colors and decorations on the walls first-

Foundations need to be laid down

Structures need to go up

Values need to be defined and reinforced

You need your bigger vision set before you can start filling in pretty pictures and shiny objects.

Did your brain just freeze up? I hear you.

It can set off all kinds of alarms when you have NO idea where to start and hear so much noise around you about what you HAVE to do



I’m Shari, I’m a chief instigator of change, unconventional coach and you guessed it…a biz spark maker aka creative biz strategist!

I want to help you remember why your biz idea popped into your head in the first place.

I want to put the pop and passion back in your mission.

I want to undo the shaving off of the edges and help you go back to the drawing board to dream as big as you can in creating YOUR IDEAL BUSINESS AND LIFE.

You aren’t JUST a life, business, health coach. You are more than a mentor, a healer, a designer, a teacher, an organizer, a motivator, a salesman.

And you certainly are NOT meant to fit into someone else’s idea of an entrepreneur, even when it may feel like a more creative version of what the word used to mean.

Hells No Not On My Watch.


Together we will explore the depth of your WHY- not the elevator pitch version (snore!) but the one that keeps you up at night, the kind that pushes you through the tear and fears of building this, the REAL reason why you under no circumstances, can sit behind someone else’s desk building their dream.

We will then structure a business model FROM that why and out of your values and dreams into tangible products, programs, intensives, one to one offerings that not only fulfill what your clients are looking for, but make you lit about what you do, every damn day.

And no, it's not about a catchy way to say it or the perfect opt-in and your best brand colors. All lovely but if the Wizard behind the Oz doesn’t stand fully in his or her own power then no perfect marketing or funnel planning can get you where you want to go.

You will burn out. Your clients will feel it. And you will want to run.

That is so not on your vision board, c'mon!