Mavericks Unleashed

My goal for you after all of the work you've done so far is stay open, brave and bold and to keep moving in your life- NOT to learn or try to absorb more info.

You already know everything you need to right now- it's about staying on track, keeping up the unpacking, remembering the working parts you have already uncovered and feeling that love and support to go where you say you want to go and tweaking as you go.

So excited to introduce to you :

Mavericks Unleashed

A membership community.

What's included?

  • A weekly video lesson and worksheet from me- DO. Delivered both in video as well as an mp3 for those who prefer listening
  • A weekly new meditation- WOO
  • Private FB group community
  • Weekly Office Hour 
  • Weekly Q&A thread and livestream to have your questions answered

The goal is to rotate every 5 weeks covering the 5 facets of what I see the Maverick Life to be:
1. Self
2. Relationships
3. Business
4. Wellness, Mindfulness, Health
5. Fun & Frolics/Creativity & Curiosity

Bite size lessons to keep you

moving, motivated, held and lit up.

For now this will be delivered via email as I build the membership platform which will house all of the lessons and act as a library as well so you can always go back to them as we grow.

$27/month and first dibs on all programs that are coming down the pike

No slimy sales pitch- you are worth it.