The Maverick Makeover

What would it take to have the life and business you dream of? 


So you say you want MORE

Out of life, out of your work- frankly out of yourself in this world




You see others whizzing by you with personal & professional growth and as hard as you try,

you can’t seem to find the secret sauce to finding YOUR way


You are done marching in line, following other people’s paths….likely you’ve always known that somewhere deep inside

But how can you just step off the hamster wheel if you don’t know where you are going?


She is one of the most authentic, real, generous and highly talented coaches I have come across in a very long time. She is beyond amazing when it comes to making sense of your nonsense.
It’s a known fact that every coach needs a coach in order to be at the top of their game. Shari certainly brings all the clarity and creativity to the table in a way that makes just about anything feel achievable.
If like me, you have so many thoughts and ideas, but something seems like it’s missing, then I think you’ll find that Shari is the glue to help make it stick.
— S.P.


Are you ready to, once and for all, capture your own magic, get out of your own way


Unleash who you truly are?

Here’s what I know to be true about you:

  • You have played by the rules

  • You tried 'their way' and it's just not workin for ya

  • You get the same results- if any

  • You only see the same ideas- they are even boring you at this point

  • Every day feels like a repeat of the last, it's almost not worth bothering sometimes....

  • How much longer do you want to stay small?

  • To watch your dreams go unfulfilled and your spirit die a little more each day?

  • Not exactly what you had planned for your life, now is it?

  • To find your spark, get on your path and grab life by the reins and lead yourself to the places you say you want to go






Great question, I'm glad you asked.



noun unorthodox or independent-minded person

synonyms: individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, unorthodox person, original, eccentric;

The Maverick is an independent thinker

A dreamer.

A bold one who is tired of other people's rules defining how he or she should live their lives, love their people or build their businesses.

The Maverick in all of us is ready to be unleashed and THAT is what I am here to help bring out in you what I see in you that you don't even know is there- YET.


  • Clear out what is NOT working on repeat

  • Give you the tools you’ve been searching for to unearth the answers that aren’t going to be found in yet another book or webinar

  • Teach you the 5 essentials of the Maverick way and help you diagnose where YOUR sticking points are (little clue they are rarely where you think they are!)

  • Enable you to understand what has been stopping you until now and what to finally do about it!



Well, I don't do expectations so that was a trick question!

I roll on agreements. The reason being is I, by nature, overgive like a mofo.

But in order for you to get the most out of our time together, I want to have YOUR commitment to show up for yourself fully rather than just yet another investment you make to leave with 20 pages of notes and just press repeat on the old movie you are living.

You will get out what you put in.

I want to show you how much fun growth and expansion can be.

What it took to get stuck HURT- shifting and changing do not have to!

Well I have just got off that call and the small glimmer of hope that I have been holding onto for some time now, just became a massive friggin’ sun beam. I am pretty glad that the call was recorded as I know that I couldn’t keep up with the insights and ideas that connected the pieces that I have been struggling to put together for a while. I knew something needed to change and was gearing up for a massive pivot (which was potentially a bit of a desperation move) and in 45 minutes flat this has been reframed into a future vision with an immediate roadmap of how it manifests. Super impressive, there is no doubt in my mind about working with her!
— T.A.

These are the five essentials of the Maverick Movement:

1. SELF-

It all starts with our head. Mindset, Spirituality, Head Unfuckery- these are my speciality!

I believe it takes soft and hard, soul and grit, messy and calm to be a whole you and THAT’S what we will be doing together.

Self care, self appreciation and inner understanding lays the foundation for your Maverick flight.


Partners, spouses, family, friends- this is the bread and butter of life.

I believe in capturing the masculine and feminine of everyone, learning how to be a better you in connection with others without losing yourself! Boundaries and truth telling, filling your own cup first, redefining how you want to be treated and how you present yourself to others, sexual power- all of the fun stuff!

3. Business-

All about building a biz that is you, serves you, for you, because of you...not being a slave or a your own King/Queen in your Biz and rock it with confidence and clarity and fun and profit.

4. wellbeing-

I'm no health specialist but it's time we get back inside off our bodies and optimize how we live! We will go into why mind, body and soul play off of each other, how to read your own self and learn your clues and how to do it without being a slave to the gym or the health store and still balance with the odd pizza and wine here and there.

it's time to LOVE your body and never shy always from it. USE IT. Own your sexy at any age any size.

5. creativity-

My Maverick model lives by this one!

I'll teach you how to have fun by showing you how to have fun in everything you to bring your creativity, play and curiosity back into everything you are and do. A passionate life i s an unstoppable one!

This will NOT be your standard stuffy coaching day

The fact is most of us compartmentalize our growth and focus and that’s exactly where the issue lies.

If you shut off parts of yourself, then you don’t have your full power or brilliance available to break through that self imposed limitation ceiling!

Simply put-

You are limiting how much money you can make.

How good your relationships can be.

How much joy and fulfillment you can feel.

How much shift you can allow in your life.

And then you keep looking at the vision board or plan on paper & time blocked hours scratching your head wondering why nothing is changing!



I’ve been coined a Chief Instigator of Change, Unconventional Coach and Creative Business Strategist.

I help my clients ditch their Groundhog Day living and find their unique path and voice to a sparked up soul and lit up life. I also work with entrepreneurs and your everyday rock stars to capture what makes up their brilliance and vision, to find a calling instead of a I-really-hate-my-job and/or-my-life type of deal.

My jam is helping people find their creative spark, their passion and their individuality to fuel success and fulfillment in life and business. I do the deep work right alongside of you to uncover where you went off track, where you want to be and how to build your own bridge to a creative business of your dreams and a vibrantly colorful life.

With a blend of my nurturing side mixed with a crazy rebel spirit, I have turned my passion into the pursuit to help others find their deepest purpose and talents, which I turned into a business 4 years ago.

I truly believe that with the right sherpa, every person has the potential to uncover and rediscover whom they once were before they lost their individuality.

It’s about unfunking your life and work and then creating what you truly want.

It’s how I got here- by doing exactly that in my own life over the past 10 years of my own Maverick transformation.

The secret to happiness is freedom... And the secret to freedom is courage.

THIS intensive IS FOR YOU IF:

  • You are tired of the same cycle of stopping and starting yet landing in the same place

  • You are ready to make a leap onto the unbeaten path and leave the have tos behind

  • You are craving clarity and direction in any or all areas of life

  • You know deep inside there’s just gotta be more than the daily grind

  • You are prepared to be open and honest with yourself in order to shake up the status quo

  • You believe you are capable of more but just don’t know what your next step can be

  • You are done with excuses and ready to roll your sleeves up and CHANGE

It’s NOT about quick fixes or hacks

It’s about showing up for yourself and sorting the pieces once and for all

To grow a life, relationships, a career

That bring you not only success but fulfillment

And that can only happen by facing each facet and finding out what is next!

One Day.

Me + You

We will go step by step into where you are, what is holding you back and get you back on course to master your Maverick Self

Once we uncover what holds you back, I will teach you how to find your own way.

No more templates and copy catting needed.

We will create a life + business plan based on who you truly are- don’t worry if you think you don’t know how- that’s my department and I’m pretty awesome at it!

Matching that inner self with that outer vision is the key to this process-

without that step- you keep slipping!

Our focus will be exactly WHERE you need it.

It’s about creating the bespoke combination of where your strengths and your weaknesses lie and combining them to bolster you and give YOU back the ability to implement, course correct and SEE through the old beliefs and habits the real you no longer needs.

What about the results?

I'm glad you asked...proof is in the pudding!

My clients walk away from our work with:

  • Renewed sense of self & energy for facing things head on

  • Stronger boundaries and understanding of what makes them tick AND the ability to repair even the most challenging of relationships without wavering

  • New business strategy & programs set for both quick cash infusions AND long term success models

  • Clearer understanding of who they are and what they bring to the world enabling them to make choices and decisions they were previously too afraid to even admit!

So In A Nutshell-

Money, Stability, Excitement, Self Confidence

all mapped out and already underway...

I'd say that's worth the time & investment in yourself, wouldn't you?

How on earth she managed to take what to me seemed like a whole restructure of business to get what I wanted from it in terms of my personal fulfilment with my work, and then tweaked one little thing to turn it all around I’m not sure....quite possibly she has magical powers...
Needless to say I’m firing on all cylinders again in 45 mins flat.
Thank you Shari
In what do we trust?
Shari of course!!!
— N.W.

How will the day work?

We will meet for 4 hours of work together plus a lunch break for us to decompress.

You will receive preliminary work and have a prep 45 minute call with me via Zoom before our intensive so we are all set to dive straight in

I have more tools up my sleeve than you'd believe so suffice it to say we will find a method to get you on track and where you want to go during our time together- without limiting what that can look like! 

After our day together, we will have another 1 hour call 1 week post intensive to check in and review our plans

So in short:

  • Pre-intensive Zoom call + prep work

  • 4 hours together + lunch

  • Post- intensive 60 minute call

  • PDF summary of all of our hard work for your reference

Bonus time!

As a VIP client, you will receive 60 days FREE to my Maverick Unleashed Membership Group valued at 47/month which includes extra support in the form of:

  • Weekly trainings on the 5 Maverick essentials including a video, worksheet and custom meditation

  • Private Facebook group

  • Weekly Q&A livestreams with me

  • VIP pricing on all future programs and packages

Bonus #2!

The Maverick Marvel Lab Course 

My New DIY Course that dives deep into each of the 5 areas of the Maverick Life

(valued at $247)

Well- what are you waiting for?

Investment for the full package:




Let's chat to see if you are a fit- grab a spot below!