Until you see where you are now, you can’t get to dream about where you want to be.


You’ve tried it on your own… you’ve read the self help books (and they just pissed you off, didn’t they?).

You feel like something’s missing in your life. You go through the motions every day but you don’t live.

Some parts of life may work, even well....yet others, eh- not so much.

You’re just not getting anywhere.

You are living a Groundhog Day on autopilot.

But your soul is calling you for more and pushing you to keep searching, but you don’t know where to turn. You’re afraid.

I know 'soul stuff' is the last thing you’re thinking of right now. It sounds fluffy and annoying. You’ve already got so many things to DO - do you really have time to think about being awesome as well?!

Let’s just back up a bit now.

What if you could step by step safely walk (skip and jump) to a place that feels more like your five year old self in excitement while still living in the real world?

What if you saw a real way to find passion and purpose again without necessarily having to uproot your whole life?
What if you could work through the problem instead of just sweeping it to the side?

What, if you even wanted to, you could even take that lit up, playful and passionate fuel into the work you do either for yourself or someone else?

Let’s be honest. That pity party you’ve been holding for yourself is not getting you anywhere. And heck, if you're scared to leave it, it'll be there whenever you want to go back to it.




Life is too short to keep running the same story over and over again. So you’ll say “But Shari, how do I write a new one?”

That's where I come in.

So you’ve may have heard I’ve got a ‘thing’ for soul and lights ablaze kind of living. And now you’re here wondering what it’s all about. Before we get to that 'lit up' bit, I need to get real and raw about where we start.

Because that’s how I roll.

  • I see something in you that you can't see right now. I see the path that will lead you out of your slump. And I know how to get you there. Pretty cool, huh?

  • I believe you can feel excited and passionate even in your everyday have to's.

  • I believe you are destined for an OUTLOUD life.

  • I know you have a soul that shines so brightly and it's ready to lead you to a life of your dreams.

  • I know your fears and blocks and I know how to help you move them.

  • I can teach you how to use your magic and infuse it in every area of your life and even in your work- there's a whole section in here for biz building but let's start somewhere!

I have another doorway for you. All you need to do is decide to walk through it.

 Go on. Press it. It’s your first step towards your own lit up life.