You have your business idea in your head. Ohh it lights you up and gets you so driven and excited to execute, doesn’t it?


You’ve filled out your ideal client avatar profile, down to the food they eat, places they hang, clothes they love and tissues they use ( I know...ridiculous, I agree).


You pick your brand colors, play around with your copy, brainstorm your opt-ins and programs and…….The steam starts to run out.

What happened to all that pop and passion?

The idea that was keeping your heart racing like a new love interest???

Doubt and self sabotage start creeping in. Do I sound like everyone else? Is this so overdone? Can I really make an impact?

How about these doozies…


Who would pay me to do this? I need another certification, another coach program, a new logo…no, no, a new catchy name! That will get me there!

And then- the practical roadblocks-Websites, videos, blogs, newsletters, fonts, webinars, courses, e-books- Your idea is being cut and shaved to fit back into a box of how tos and supposeds tos.

Wait a minute….if you were meant to do it like everyone else or to follow some set of rules, why would you be so called to leave your regular J.O.B. or not go look for one if it’s just about the moola?