What if that business

you dream of can

become your reality?

You have your business idea in your head. Ohh it lights you up and gets you so driven and excited to execute, doesn’t it?


You’ve filled out your ideal client avatar profile, down to the food they eat, places they hang, clothes they love and tissues they use ( I know...ridiculous, I agree).


You pick your brand colors, play around with your copy, brainstorm your opt-ins and programs and…….The steam starts to run out.

What happened to all that pop and passion?

The idea that was keeping your heart racing like a new love interest???

Doubt and self sabotage start creeping in. Do I sound like everyone else? Is this so overdone? Can I really make an impact?

How about these doozies…


Who would pay me to do this? I need another certification, another coach program, a new logo…no, no, a new catchy name! That will get me there!

And then- the practical roadblocks-Websites, videos, blogs, newsletters, fonts, webinars, courses, e-books- Your idea is being cut and shaved to fit back into a box of how tos and supposeds tos.

Wait a minute….if you were meant to do it like everyone else or to follow some set of rules, why would you be so called to leave your regular J.O.B. or not go look for one if it’s just about the moola?


Shari's Business Intensive was just that! Once I committed to working with her and took the time to answer the pre-work questionnaire it was like we had already worked together the questions were so intense! I had some deep ah-ha's and eagerness to learn more.
Once we began our sessions Shari lovingly but pointedly showed me the way to lead my business from an inclusion model. This was important to me because my soul longs for inclusion so to be able to run my business from that soul level is huge. That permission and alignment shifted me from inaction to action!
I am so happy to have completed my sessions with Shari and to add an exclamation point, within 4 hours of our last session I was signing on new clients from that alignment which supported them more than I ever could have had I not worked with Shari! Thank you Shari!
Kaira Shelton Boston
Untitled design.jpg


You are going about this upside down.

Buildings are NOT built by choosing paint colors and decorations on the walls first-

Foundations need to be laid down

Structures need to go up

Values need to be defined and reinforced

You need your bigger vision set before you can start filling in pretty pictures and shiny objects.

Did your brain just freeze up? I hear you.

It can set off all kinds of alarms when you have NO idea where to start and hear so much noise around you about what you HAVE to do



I’m Shari, I’m a chief instigator of change, unconventional coach and you guessed it…a biz spark maker aka creative biz strategist!

I want to help you remember why your biz idea popped into your head in the first place.

I want to put the pop and passion back in your mission.

I want to undo the shaving off of the edges and help you go back to the drawing board to dream as big as you can in creating YOUR IDEAL BUSINESS AND LIFE.

You aren’t JUST a life, business, health coach. You are more than a mentor, a healer, a designer, a teacher, an organizer, a motivator, a salesman.

And you certainly are NOT meant to fit into someone else’s idea of an entrepreneur, even when it may feel like a more creative version of what the word used to mean.

Hells No Not On My Watch.


Together we will explore the depth of your WHY- not the elevator pitch version (snore!) but the one that keeps you up at night, the kind that pushes you through the tear and fears of building this, the REAL reason why you under no circumstances, can sit behind someone else’s desk building their dream.

We will then structure a business model FROM that why and out of your values and dreams into tangible products, programs, intensives, one to one offerings that not only fulfill what your clients are looking for, but make you lit about what you do, every damn day.

And no, it's not about a catchy way to say it or the perfect opt-in and your best brand colors. All lovely but if the Wizard behind the Oz doesn’t stand fully in his or her own power then no perfect marketing or funnel planning can get you where you want to go.

You will burn out. Your clients will feel it. And you will want to run.

That is so not on your vision board, c'mon!

Just wanted to give a shout out to Shari D Teigman. We had a call and I have never connected so strongly with someone or felt like they “got me” and understood my business. With her help, I am surrendering to my business and relaxing into the awesomeness that I know I can be. She is an invaluable coach and support for your business. — Mary C.L.


I can feel the buzz of your why in your heart. I can help you see how what you do is different than what everyone else does, even in your same niche.

I will show you how all you have done until now has added tools to your biz box to make you the only expert you ever need to be.

I can see the pulse of your dream. And it is an honor to help you see it too.

Then we can mix that into your copy, your programs and packages- to create a unique blueprint that stands out, fills needs and monetizes your genius.

So sure you think you nailed your ICA. Go you!  But if you can’t see yourself where you are and where you truly want to be (not where you think you are ‘supposed to be’), then that ICA in their right shoes with the right money to invest in you cannot possibly find you.


It’s about real connection, it’s about soul to soul clicks- not tricking anyone into buying something you made shiny and new.

Not exactly in integrity nor sustainable to you building your fabulous empire.

I am no 'hustle only' business coach nor a marketing maven.

I won’t tell you what you need to do or the right software to download and I have no idea how to make $10k in 45 minutes (yet.)


And I see through fear and stories and I feel your passion and I am here to connect the dots and create a grand plan with you for what you want to achieve and keep you in your lane.

Before I met Shari I was frustrated. I had a great website, with “good” copy, but I felt it didnt represent me. My copy at the time only scratched the surface of who I was as a person. I tried to write my own copy, but I was paralyzed. I couldn’t take how I felt inside and put it into words. So I handed it over to Shari. She really took the time to listen to my life story and visions for my business. When Shari came back with my copy, I sat on my bed with tears streaming down my face. For the first time in my LIFE I felt someone finally understood me. Her copy really set me on fire!!!
Thank you so much Shari for infusing your magic into my business!! It is a honour to work with you!
— Maria Hinton,

So here’s how it goes:

 Virtual VIP Intensive Over 3 Sessions

First Up:

90 Minute Deep Dive

You fill me in on where you are, what you offer and we lay all the pieces  out on the table.

We dive right into both short term plans and big ass visions.

We uncover the how and why of what you do and why you are determined to succeed in this crazy entrepreneurial world.

No stock answers emerge- not even CLOSE.

True authentic voice, real underlying values and 2.0 version of you all woven together to make a REAL impact not to blend in with the masses.

Who you ARE, WHAT you have, WHAT you bring, WHAT you want  to achieve and very importantly, WHAT ISN'T WORKING RIGHT NOW.

We strip down to the core message you are craving to shout from the rooftops.

We craft a new title and stage for you to stand upon to express who you are, what you do and who you serve.

~Now it's marinating time!~

Oh trust me I get this stage.

The doubts creep up.

The fears of how and am I sure and can I really do this pop up right when you are getting warmed up.

And this is what I am here for. See big picture ideas are great but how do you take them off of the vision board and into practical doing?

Here's where stage two of our intensive comes into play.

We regroup for GO TIME:

Our next session is all about idea building!

Once your ideas have solidified and the fog clears a bit, we set up our next session

60 minutes- me and you and lots of paper!

We start building a structure around that magic- plain & simple.

Product ideas, programs, structure and packaging for:

  • Promos/Challenges/List Building Ideas
  • DIY/evergreen entry starter products
  • 1:1 unique offerings
  • Group structures/membership sites
  • Guest experts, leveraging your knowledge in other mediums, JV ideas

We brainstorm ideas, structures and approaches that make sense for YOU not just templates you see EVERYONE ELSE doing

No Set Rules

(I break those, sorry!)

We face the fears as they come up.

We write and rewrite and we let things marinate and change until it feels right.

Now you are set with your plan!

But what is the last piece that is key for your successful refresh?

Messaging, Copy, Social Media Presence!

If people can't connect with you, it doesn't matter how good your ideas are if they stay floating in your head!

Now it's communication time

60 minutes, me + you-

Copy review, storytelling systems, setting the stage for you to never run out of ideas of how to come across, you to stay interesting and most important, relevant in a sea of noisy sameness, we even come up with a social media calendar so you stay on the wagon!

You come away with a RESET button for your business.

Fresh packages & offerings

A unique spin to go out and sell

The know how of what and how to spread your magic


  • a complete PDF swipe file wrap up of all we created
  • copy review of your site, for your PR & media- or to print on a t-shirt- wear that new stuff PROUD! 
  • 10 day email support post intensive to support you in your ignited fire for your business



Your glorious, individual path is on its way to fame and glory!

Or happy workdays and thrilled clients, whatever floats your boat.

I am driven to re-spark people’s souls and if your own business is part of your life than a huge part of your soul is attached to that dream. So let’s get the magic happening!

(The intensive can be scheduled in one day or broken up into 3 sessions)

Before I signed up for Shari's Business Sparking Intensive, I had spent 2 years building a business, yet I felt very frustrated and lost.
Something wasn't quite right but I couldn't figure out what it was.
Within the first 10 minutes of our first phone call, Shari knew exactly what it was. She shined a light on a part of me that I couldn't see for myself and during the rest of our time together she helped me claim it.
I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an insightful and creative spirit.  
Julie Sczerbinski

Ready to get your business feeling fully Yours again?

Investment for a whole re-lit business model:



$897 IN FULL