Birthday Bash Offer!


Well hello from my

45th birthday! 

Here's the deal.

I want to celebrate another year of my life and to me, I can't do that solo.

I have a goal this year to triple my reach and impact and support 3x the time of people that I did last year. I am also doing a year long project I can’t wait to tell you about but…THIS bit is about YOU.

Why? Because I'm me.

The more I do my work, the more I believe in people's ability to change, grow and free themselves from the things that hold them back.

Those people? Are YOU.

I want to help YOU. More of you so I can fulfill my plan and take you along with me to fulfill yours.

So it's as simple as this- I turn 45. 

I'm taking 45% off some of my favorite offerings until Sunday February 10th at 11:59 EST.

Check out the options- birthday bash prices and info is on each page:

45% off:

  1. 6 Months or 1 Year Package in Maverick Life Unleashed Membership:

    Choose either the 6 month or 1 year option and enter the coupon code: Mav45 at checkout:

This week we just hit Week 100 in the trainings!

2. The Maverick Marvel Lab Course

Enter coupon code: Mav45 at checkout:

Based off the successful workshop I have run live twice in the UK, here is your course online so you don't miss a thing if you haven't made it live yet!

3. Whiteboard Sessions

A powerful 90 minute session where we take your ideas and turn them into action together!

4. The Maverick Makeover- 1/2 day live or virtual intensive

In person in NYC OR virtual 1/2 day intensive with me to rev up all areas of your life and work to a Maverick level 100. 

And one more thing....

I am offered a 30 DAY TRIAL for $1 in my membership community, Mavericks Unleashed- it is regularly $47/mo and I usually have a 14 day trial but birthdays are big deals so come hang out all month with commitment just a welcome into our Maverick world!

Soooo…put on a party hat, sing wherever you are and grab your goodies until February 10!

Any questions? I've got ya :)