Welcome back for our last audio!

How did Getting On Track feel for you? What did your ideal day look like?

When you give yourself permission to dream and see from where you are where you truly want to be, you can start moving towards that direction.

Without a plan or goal, you wander aimlessly and that's when fear and resistance rule the roost.

Ok....the Lit Up part.

Did you roll your eyes yet? Are you gearing up that positive psychobabble about staying positive? Not from me :)

I believe in real. Does it require creative thinking and trusting something else can happen?? Yes it sure does but only because I've lived it and know it's hard to believe.

So how can you get past that jaded perspective of 'well I'm stuck and a passionate life isn't in my reach'?

Recognize who inside you is saying that. Hi scared little child, we see you. We understand and love you and will keep you safe, but it's time to take you out of the driver's seat.

Tap into that creative part of yourself to understand what you stand for, what your values and patterns and from there- create what you desire.

Embrace wanting more for your life and not needing to ask permission for it. Time is a'ticking and if you don't reach for your dream, no one can fulfill it for you.

Let's dive in....

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We made it! 

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