Hey hey! How was the first audio for you?
Did you have a chance to start exploring and unraveling those childhood stories and see what patterns and beliefs come from there?
I know it sounds like a scary task but TRUST me, you will find so much gold deep within there and once you can take the first step to be brave and explore, you truly give yourself the first gift of YOU.

Once I started to really understand who I thought I was, how I defined people, places and things, I realized that nothing truly had to be ALWAYS and NEVER.

I found the glue loosening and some air sneaking into the cage.

So what happens next?

Part of what holds people playing small and stuck is the fear of being uncomfortable in the unknown.

Boy do I know that well. I stood on the sidelines of my life for many years, barely dipping a to in for fear of falling, succeeding- actually moving and getting hurt.

So today, I'm exploring what those first steps towards getting on track means.
Not someone else's track or template but YOUR DREAM LIFE. 
Are you seeing a theme yet?
I am here to give you permission to stop playing by other people's rules. Even just in your mind first.

Let's dive in.....
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