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Life did not always look so peachy for me.

Rewind to 8 years ago, I was stuck in a miserable marriage with two young kids and not a person around me knew what my life truly was. Frankly, I didn't either. I was not ready to face the reality so I played the game.

Perfect parties, PTO president, fun and bubbly to all who looked in. 

My soul was dead, my heart disconnected and I felt completely lost.

I won't say I had a magical AHA moment and saw the light and saved myself.


I'll save the sordid details but it took me taking a long hard glance at my two boys to realize I had to get out. At that point, I couldn't even say I changed my life for myself, but for them.

It was a very messy bunch of years, stripping off the identities I hid behind, redefining I was, what I believed and what my values were to get to the place I am now- happy, fulfilled, lit up and free.

I swear I could never have DREAMED this life could be possible.

A beautiful, flourishing business, two kids who are my best friends, a support system around me of powerhouse women who I rise with, and most importantly, a rich, wonderful love affair with myself.

So, Shari- lovely story..... but what does it mean for you?

Here's what it means.

I get what it feels like to feel stuck and trapped. 

I know what it takes to loosen that glue you are positive is permanent.

The first step is to take a good hard look at your childhood stories. What do you believe about yourself and the world? Where did those ideas come from? Let's explore......